Success Stories

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Mr.Bharat Parmar got operated in 2009. He use to weigh 148kg at the time of Surgery, he reduced total 86 kgs from his body and currently weighs 62 Kgs. He underwent Gastric Sleeve Surgery. He says "My Life has tremendously changed after the surgery; It is a boon for People like us. I had many health problems like knee pain, Swelling in my feet, Kidney problem etc to name few due to weight. I was unable to do my daily routine work smoothly. My Weight gain was hereditary. People use to make fun of me when I use to travel due to my work requirement. I was suggested weight reduction surgery by General Physician, which when I visited Dr.Pankaj Khandelwal , he explained me the whole procedure in detail for Surgery. I understood it and got myself operated. Today I can do my routine work without feeling exhausted, I have no Blood Pressure, no Knee Pain and Over I am very Active person. I also enjoy my travel. Thank you Doctor for giving me a wonderful life again."

I am Manisha, everybody in my Family is Fat and I have faced lot of humiliation because I was fat. It was difficult for me to do any Daily Chores. I use to get very tired while doing any kind of work. Use to get Breathless while walking a very small distance. I use to sleep a lot and use to feel very Lazy all the time. I was not happy to go out and meet my friends and Relatives. I was very fond of wearing western clothes but couldn't wear due to weight problem, hardly use get my size in the market. Even use to reframe myself from getting my pictures clicked as I was very fat. Then I decided to undergo weight reduction surgery with the help of my friend who was working in Baroda Laparoscopy Hospital. I was 110 kgs and decided to get Gastric Sleeve done as advised by Dr.Pankaj Khandewal. I got operated in March 2013 and today weigh 64 Kgs.

After the surgery I am born again and I am enjoying all the finer things in my life which I was not able to due to excessive weight. My confidence and Self esteem both are back. And Yes I do enjoy wearing western clothes now.

Bariatric and metabolic surgery

I am Sanjay Patel. I have my own business of tours and travels.

From past 10 years I was suffering from obesity, my weight was increasing day by day. I use to weight 95 kgs before 10 years which reached to 110 kgs.My work demanded visit to various sites by different mode of commuting , because with so much of weight I had always avoided to go with tourist and use to send somebody else along with my clients due to which many of my clients got disappointed. Five years back I was diagnosed with diabetes (450 mg/dl) because of obesity. I always took 30-30 units of insulin daily before lunch and dinner . I also had high blood pressure which also increased frequently , and had lots of difficulties even for 10 minutes walk and always had complains of knee pains, I was not able to climb stairs also.

I tried lots of things to lose my weight like weight loss injection and medicines for years. But there was no weight loss at all.

I also thought about liposuction at one time, but I wanted long term weight loss solution. I was just tired from all these weight loss problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.

After so many searches I was rightly advised by my friend who told me about obesity surgery.

Then I came to meet Dr.Pankaj Khandelwal. He made me understand about weight loss Bariatric Surgery, about its benefits and also about post surgery life style .After my meeting with him I got convinced for obesity surgery.

After obesity surgery my Diabetes has totally gone , it came between 90 to 120 within week of post surgery , also Blood pressure is always normal today I am able to walk very easily for 2 to 3 kms at stretch in 1/2 Hr, I am able to climb stairs and have sound sleep. I am totally involved in my business with high energy level and I am able to satisfy my tourist to the fullest, as I join them in all site visits.

Surgery has changed my over all personality by making me a very confident person and changing my view towards life. I am able to enjoy social gatherings, which I use to avoid earlier.

Today I weight 72 kg.

My Name is Divyang Shah, I am into Chemical business. I was a very Foodie guy and no control on eating habits at all. My weight started increasing due to my wrong eating habits. I use to drink a lot too. I had many medical problems as my weight started increasing, I could not walk properly and couldn't climb stairs use to get breathless. I had lot many medical problems like Diabetes and use to take 70 to 80 units of Insulin per day, Hypertension and I use to take sleeping pills in the night. I was not happy taking Insulin everyday and also knew that in long run it would damage my Kidney.

My physician suggested that I should meet Dr.Pankaj Khandelwal and get surgery done for weight reduction. Without wasting a minute I visited him and was very satisfied with his advice and instantly decided to go for surgery as it was a laparoscopy surgery.

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